January 24, 2016


Go Button Media

About Go Button Media

Go Button Media is what happened when showrunners smashed. Creative chaos into polished productions. Together with extraordinarily talented crews, GBM makes hybrid creative content for all screen sizes with a focus on charismatic characters, universal stories and smooth delivery.

This boutique production company works with all budget sizes to deliver punchy, addictive content.

Our Team


Executive Producer

Daniel is an award-winning executive, show-runner, director, and cross platform storyteller. Daniel specializes in seamless idea to screen. As a Director, Daniel has shot all over the globe, winning a Gemini for best direction for Reality Obsessed. As VP of Development, he has co-created and supervised a successful slate of television series with a variety of broadcasters. As a Showrunner, he has consistently brought home entertaining shows within budget and on schedule. Daniel’s fiction films achieved international success at festivals and worldwide distribution. He also worked as Creative Director for The Movie Network and The Family Channel, and as an Assistant Director on studio films such as The Insider (Michael Mann) and Lansky (David Mammet). Daniel is also a recovering visual effects supervisor and repressed cinematographer, meaning, more often than not you can find him under a camera.

natashalargelNATASHA RYAN

Executive Producer

Natasha is an award-winning writer, director, creative producer, showrunner and story editor. Relentlessly creative and collaborative, she is dedicated to generating entertaining and meaningful media working with real life narratives.  Natasha has traveled the world to put unique stories on screens. Some of her documentary work includes The Book Lady (with Dolly Parton), Chasing Wild Horses (Sable Island), Access Unlimited (AMI), Animals at Work (BBC, Animal Planet) and X-Weighted (Slice, Sky UK). Her ability to find the hook of a show or of a ‘character’ has made her an invaluable asset in development, on set and in post production.  In her leftover moments, when she isn’t making media, or planning to make media, or communicating about media, Natasha indulges her pop culture addictions by watching too many television and web shows, reading a book a week, and google stalking everything.

Contact : natasha@gobuttonmedia.com

RWebster HeadshotROBIN WEBSTER

Casting Director / Development Producer

Robin started her career as a makeup artist on the frontline of early unscripted shows. After gaining her psychology degree she made the switch to research and casting on shows like Mom vs Matchmaker and Discovering Routes.

When she’s not cross-examining cast Robin is deep in the internet trenches digging up the next riveting talent and show concepts.

Steve BWSteven Patoine

Post Production Supervisor / Editor

Steve believes that even in the world full of remakes, reboots, and inspired bys, that originality still exists out there. Talk to Steve about his love of poutine, his bookmark collection of “films to get to,” or his striking resemblance to Kevin Smith.  All joking aside though, he loves working on and off set but he primarily works in post-production, with years of experience as an editor, assistant editor, DMT and now post production supervisor. Steve is passionate about helping, collaborating, and hitting those tight deadlines that often seem impossible.

Cher headshotCherlyne Knox


Cherlyne Knox is a seasoned tax preparation professional, specializing in financial management for film, television. An Alberta native she holds a Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts from Red Deer College and a Diploma in Photographic Technology from NAIT. She spent many years as a professional photographer who specialized in people. In her spare time she enjoys improv as well as continuing with her passion for photography. With a deep understanding of both left and right brain faculties, one of the greatest joys she takes from her work is helping those that are number challenged feel more secure and on top of their finances.